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Incontinence Tests


Urodynamic testing reveals how the bladder and related muscles help to store and release urine.

More than 50% of adult women have those “little accidents” and can’t hold their urine.  Often, they are seen in the practice of internal medicine.  Urinary incontinence is  also seen along with rectal soiling “accidents” or fecal incontinence.  The group of muscles known as pelvic floor muscles are involved in rectal and urinary incontinence.  Sometimes testing for both provides the whole picture.

Even constipation can contribute to overactive bladder.   And 1 in 5 men have bladder leakage problems.    In men, the problem is not always to  an enlarged prostate gland. Sometimes it is due to detrussor muscle over-activity.  This problem can be determined by testing.

If you have bladder leaks, overflows or leak when you cough you could have urge, overflow or stress incontinence.  Often people have both.

A small thin catheter is inserted into the urethra to measure the urine remaining in the bladder.   The muscle function, pressure and urine flow are all measured.

The best treatment regimen is determined by the results, your history and your physical examination.

A specially trained nurse and technician assist with this procedure.