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If you have fecal soiling or leaking or if you have chronic constipation, you  may benefit from the knowledge gained by this test.

The squeezing ability of the anus and the ability to relax is evaluated during this 20- minute test.   A balloon at the end of a small soft catheter tht is inserted into the anus tests the ability to squeeze and to relax. The rectum is a temporary storage area that is connected to the anus.  Anorectal manometry or ARM checks the muscle strength of the anus and also checks the rectum.

Sometime urinary leakage accompanies people who have fecal leakage, so urodynamic testing maybe added to help to better diagnose the origin of the problem

There are also available exercises, biofeedback w training, and devices to help strengthen the muscles.  Medications to effect elimination may sometimes help

In all cases where needed referral to an appropriate surgeon is provided.