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On-site Ultrasound Testing

We now have ultrasound on site.  Ultrasound is a less invasive, less expensive way to determine the presence and progression of many disorders

ULTRASOUND IS A NONINVASIVE, SAFE, PAINLESS TEST .  iNSURANCE often prefer that this less expensive but informative test be done prior to more expensive CT scans or MRI.  If the ultrasound is positive, then a CT or MRI done later is more likely to be covered by insurance carriers.

Ultrasounds available on site are

Abdomen – abdominal pain, gall stones, appendicitis, pancreatitis,

Abdominal aorta   – Covered by Medicare as a welcome to Medicare Screening exam  for aortic aneurysm.  Also recommended for all men over 65 who have ever smoked

Pelvic ultrasound – when abdominal pain is suspected to be caused by female organs

Carotid artery – often used for workup of dizziness or fainting

Thyroid – lumps and nodules in the thyroid

Liver – evaluation of hepatitis, liver cancer, cirrhosis fatty liver, evaluate abnormal liver blood tests, jaundice, alcoholic liver disease, fluid in the abdomen (ascites)

Echocardiogram  for heart murmurs, evaluate the pumping ability of the heart; heart failure. enlarged heart, syncope (fainting, dizziness, )

Renal – size and shape and blood flow through the kidneys; useful for obstruction, monitor cysts, infection

Arterial exams for upper and lower extremities

Venous Doppler for upper and lower extremities

Knees– tendon injuries, muscle tears, meniscal injuries, popliteal cyst

Feet – ligament tears and sprains plantar fasciitis neuroma, ganglion cyst