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About that mask you forgot to bring . . .

Now that we feel familiar with terminology like PPE, N95 masks and aerosolized droplets within 6 feet 

(what I like to coin as “COVID-ESE”),  the virus cure like the lingo is a  work in progress.  So, what can one person do?   We each have the choice between introducing  warlike devastation to the masses or leading the  healthy resistance.  

Kn95 masksA breach occurs when PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is forgotten or unavailable, a human mistake is made, or common sense is abandoned.  Either lapse can leave you knowingly or unknowingly in harm’s way.   Adherence to a “culture of safety”  has become a necessity and not just convenient medical jargon.

By now we have all witnessed gaps in safety.  For instance,  a man walking suddenly lowers his mask to shout to a friend on the other side of the street.   Some of us may have seen a woman in the grocery store walking around with her mask pulled down just enough to expose her nose. Maybe you noticed the person who unmasked  to sniff the ripeness of the fruit and pulls off a glove to do give a melon a test squeeze.  Or perhaps you have walked through a group of  doorway gatherers  flaunting masks beneath their chins to take that last crucial puff on a cigarette.  Perchance you ran inside to seek safe air only to enter a room where someone is shouting “can you hear me” on a cell phone and spewing droplets from the mouth to areas well beyond 6 feet. 

We all have our strengths  and we all are vulnerable to lapses in our level of awareness of possible COVID-19 harm.  But we are not defenseless.   Here are some actions we can take.Mask up! Donning masks is fast becoming the new statement where you can display your values and beliefs, show your fashion vibe, and even save the lives of your neighbors.  Your mask saves them from you while their mask saves you from then.  If you think you are immune to corona, note that every day we learn about a new class of victims unlike the ones we knew about the day before.   For now, no one knows who has true immunity nor due they how log to expect it. 

Admittedly,  masks can become uncomfortable with extended periods of wear.  Make one that is comfortable to you or shop around.  Determine which kind is easiest for you to wear and keep on.  Notice how long it takes for your mask to become unbearable Make the necessary provisions to go to a private space where you can doff the mask safely while keeping others outside your immediate vicinity.   

As we head from summer to fall keep sinus problems and allergies at bay. Take an over the counter or a prescribed sinus medication daily, then you will prevent the onset of extra discomfort while wearing a mask. .  

When you mask gets wet with secretions from your own nose and mouth, it becomes less efficient at providing safety to others.

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